A downloadable game for Windows

Dodge obstacles with your car, keep your friends happy, refuel when necessary and chill when possible!

Paradise Road Trip is a very short little game inspired by this amazing Famicase cartridge by the at least equally amazing Nat King. It is my entry for the A Game By Its Cover 2018 Jam (even though I had some troubles with the upload and the deadline. ._.)

You can also download the soundtrack for free on this itch.io page!

I know the game is pretty basic, but real life kept me busy during the last few weeks. I'm not a graphics guy and I could have really used some more time...but I sincerely hope that you at least enjoy it a little bit! =)

(Note: the third screenshot .gif is playing at half the frame rate and uses heavy compression to comply with itch.io's file size limit. The actual framerate and graphics are better represented in the second screenshot .gif.)

Install instructions

Simply unzip the .zip archive and start the RoadTrip.exe inside!


RoadTrip_v1_02.zip 11 MB


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This is a really cool concept, look forward to trying it out!