A downloadable groovebox for Windows and macOS


A 24/7 lo-fi chip-hop groovebox with a twist: not only can you study and relax to it, you can also build your own beats!

But this is not only something for your ears: the top part of the screen shows pixel art by the amazing Drew Wise - animated in sync with your beats and changing depending on the current time of day!

Based on Drew Wise's cartridge LOFI CHIP-HOP from this year's Famicase exhibition.


  • Program drum beats to your taste, choosing from 24 retro-inspired drum sounds,  adjustable in pitch and volume!
  • Add 46 different audio loops ranging from bass lines to melodies, play them at regular, half or double speed or chop them up for additional variation!
  • Are you new to drum machines? The included tutorial will teach you everything you need to know - step by step!
  • Not in the mood to make music yourself? Just load one of the included presets, press play and sit back!
  • Slow ambient jams, layed-back hip-hop grooves or upbeat electronica? Simply adjust the speed and hear how your beats take on a completely different genre!
  • Need to take a break, but want to continue with your compositions at a later time? No problem! Just save them in one of the 99 slots and load them later on...or send the files to your friends to show them!*

*For more info, refer to the tutorial and the included ReadMe.txt.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
Made withLogic Pro, GameMaker: Studio
TagsAtmospheric, chiptune, Creative, glitch, Instrument, Lo-fi, Music, Non violent, Pixel Art, Relaxing
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Just unzip the file, start the .exe and have fun! For more informations, please refer to the ReadMe file.

If you share your creations on twitter, please use the hashtag #chiphopmachine so that others can easily find it! :)


Chip-Hop v1.10 (Windows) 6 MB
Chip-Hop v1.10 (Mac - Experimental & Unsigned) 8 MB
Chip-Hop v1.00 (Original Windows Release) 5 MB

Development log


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I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding how to use loops, but the only time I could get them to work is by loading one of the pre-made songs, and even then, they don't always play, and when they do, it's only for one cycle of the drum beats. Have I broken something somehow?

Ah, that's odd. They should always be looping once selected, as the game engine is playing them on loops and resyncs them every few bars. And switching the loops should automatically stop one and start playing another, so them stopping even then is unusual. Even if they're not marked as "active" or the volume is down, they should be playing, just muted...

Someone on YouTube posted their jam (loops start at around 0:47), so when you do the same, it doesn't play them?

I do not know what has changed between me leaving that message, and reloading the program to check after viewing the video, but it seems to work just fine now. It was just this weird thing where the loops didn't seem to work at all, I was streaming it with friends and we were getting real confused as to why It wasn't making sound. I had made sure that they were active, and the volume was turned up.

Let's just call it weird computer gremlins.

Sorry about that. ' <';

Ah, glad it works now. Seems like the computer gremlins have been appeased. :3c

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its good but i am unable save the song :( because i dont know but this game is cool 👍

Glad you like it! :) Can you look if there's a file "pattern_XX.txt" in "C:\Users\[Name]\AppData\Roaming\Chip_Hop\Patterns"? XX being the the number of the pattern that shows in the game display when you press the save button. The file itself should just have a bunch of numbers in it.

If the file isn't there, it's probably a saving issue. Maybe your computer is blocking access to create the files there. If it is there, then it doesn't load for some reason, which might also be related to access restrictions.


This is epic! Do you have any plans to build an android version?

Thank you for the kind words! The engine I'm using changed its licensing model a while ago, unfortunately. And I don't have the extra license required for Android exports, so an Android version will not happen anytime soon, unfortunately. :(


Ahhhh ok.  No problem! It's still super fun to use!


is it free for commercial use?


You can use all songs you make with it in commercial projects! :)




hey! i know i posted this comment a while ago, but i finally released the song where i used your app. here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7dHOndmSk5odmTHmGhIiez?si=d976774ef31646f4. i feel like the song came out kinda crap and i did your app a great injustice lmao

Oh, nice! Makes me happy to see it used in a song, especially as part of an EP on Spotify. Sounds pretty dreamy, I like it!

ty1 means a lot! im currently working on some more eps and for sure plan to use your app more...

Awesome, would love to hear more!


1:41 i have school in 7 hours i should be sleep but im up playing this good game

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Just spent over two hours making this one song and I loved every minute of play! Incredible stuff <3

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Sorry for the late reply, but I'm really happy to hear that you liked it! <3

Dang, I've had this program on my computer for like 2 years and just checked back and there was an update? Very nice :D I like the sample faders especially

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Can I still access all the custom patterns from V1.0?


Heya, welcome back! <3 And yes, the custom patterns should still work. If I recall correctly, the updated version just loads all the old data first and then assigns a default value if the data from the newer versions isn't included. Aimed for backwards compatibility there. :)


This is such an amazing program! I was wondering if the music we make in this program could be used in commercial projects?


Thank you! Yes, you're allowed to use the songs you create with it in any projects, even commercial ones. :)



Hey, I'd like to download it, and I downloaded it, but I'm having trouble trying to open it. It tells me that the file is damaged and that I should put it in the trash. I would like to ask for help or an arrangement. Thanks for the attention!!

Hi! I assume you're using the Mac version? It had some issues with that. The reason is that MacOS can be pretty restrictive with indie games that are not made from people within the Apple Developer Program (which costs 99 USD a year). The fourth option here (and with more info in the comments section) could work to circumvent this:


Hi! I have seen the link you have sent me, but I have also done all that (Restart, download it again etc) and it still won't let me open it. Thanks for the help!!

The first three options (restart/redownload etc.) there won't do much. If anything helps, then the fourth option with xattr. The comments below also go into a bit more detail and give a few tips that can help better. But sorry to hear it didn't work out!


Hello !! This is such an awesome game !! It's really easy to use and it can create cool tunes and bops :D I was wondering if I can upload the music I create on youtube? Of course, I will put credit! 


Thank you! <3

And yes, you can upload and use your created songs with it any way you want! Upload it to YouTube, Soundcloud, play it in streams, use it for game soundtracks...I'd love to hear what you'll come up with! If you want to share it on Twitter, there's also the hashtag #chiphopmachine for it. :)


Aaa thank u so much !! >< <3 


Cute <3 https://soundcloud.com/iwanplays/lil-cill-n-lil-bleep

I made dat with dis

Aw, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing! <3


This is just beautiful, i love it, i hope you can add an option to save the songs that you made, but all the other things are amazing.

Ps: I speak spanish, i hope you can understand.

Thank you! Do you mean exporting the songs as audio files you can listen to? Saving them as .txt files to load them in the app should hopefully work already. For audio files, there's a little tutorial video on the page as a workaround. :)


Amazing! I am waiting so long for this


This is sick and super fun! The best part is that literally anyone can make something cool! good stuff.


Aw, thank you for the kind words! Glad you like it! :)


Mac version is telling me its broken and to move it to the trash. 

Sorry to hear that. It likely has to do with Mac's security settings (Gatekeeper) not trusting an unsigned application, which is more common for recent macOS versions. It happens to a lot small indie devs that aren't part of the Apple Developer Program.

Here's a guide that might be able to help: https://osxdaily.com/2019/02/13/fix-app-damaged-cant-be-opened-trash-error-mac/

how do I export my music?

There is no export button inside the game, but here's a little tutorial on how to record your songs as audio files!


This is so awesome!!! Thank you for making such an amazing tool/game. 

I've been messing around with it and made a track I'm pretty happy with, I'm wondering if I could use it for one of my own games later on?


Thank you for your kind words! <3

Yes, you're free to use your creations with it for any songs, games, videos or pretty much every other medium! A credit like "using [LOFI CHIP-HOP MACHINE] by fricochet" or something would be appreciated, but is not required.

And I'd love to hear the final result, so feel free to notify me when you release it! ;)


Thank you! That is awesome. 

And of course the credit is a must! You deserve recognition for your work. 

Can you add your own presets and drums to the program?

You mean user audio files? That's not possible at the moment. I actually considered adding it in an update and it would probably work one way or another. At least on Windows, from what I've read. But it could come with a few downsides. Saving the audio files might be unreliable, sharing patterns would be more complicated and the interface would probably be harder to read.

Don't have much free time at the moment, but it's still something I wanna look into!


Omg this is super great! def worth signing up to itch.io for it :D

Aw, thank you!


this game is so much fun, and i can create something in the process too ! thank you for sharing it with us : )

Aw, glad to hear that, thank you! :)


On itch.io there are soo many fun stuff,But this one was the best for me,Thanks for making this awesome game (or app)!

Ah, that's quite a compliment! Thank you! :)


I realize now that I didn't pay attention, there is no bug, I just was going fast because I was trying to make something and save it for later during class. Sorry for the undo stress, it works perfectly. :) Also thank you for my best stress reliever

Ah, no problem. Glad this got resolved. But still useful to know what mechanics might be confusing, I'm gonna make it more intuitive in the next update. Thank you! :)


you're welcome


This game is a relaxing experience with enough complexity to keep you engaged and curious, good work :) 10/10

Thanks for the nice review! :)


Really love this, sort of thing I can just chill in whilst improving my music skills.

One thing though is that the save button doesn't seem to work instantly. Seems you have to hold it down or something right? Be nice if that was indicated along with a pop-up for successful saves so I don't accidentally lose my work.

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An alpha version had the save button working with just a click, but after getting some feedback, I thought keeping it pressed might be a better way to avoid accidentally overwriting patterns. So you need to keep it pressed until it stops blinking now. It is explained in the tutorial, but I can see that it might be counter-intuitive with how the rest of the buttons work. I'll see if I find a better solution for future versions! Probably also using the display to the the left to indicate that saving worked (or failed).

I'm glad you love it and thanks for the feedback! :)


I quickly grabbed this because I loved the art style; 20 mins later I ended up with a nice little beat.  Honestly, I was quite surpised how such a simple ui could put together so many beats.

Great project, great tutorial!

Happy to hear you had fun with it. Thanks for the nice feedback! :)


This looks so great! Would love a Mac build, if you could get one together!

Thank you! A Mac build should be possible, but there could be a problem with Apple blocking third-party apps with Gatekeeper by default, as I can't sign those apps with an official certificate (requiring a membership for 99$ a year).

But I'll see if I can create a test build!


This is amazing. I was wondering, if someone makes music in this are they allowed to use it in their own games?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! And yes, you're allowed to use it in your own games...or pretty much any other medium, for that matter! A credit like "using [LOFI CHIP-HOP MACHINE] by fricochet" is appreciated, but not required.

And if you use it for something, I'd be interested to hear what you made with it! :)

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I've wanted to be able to make music for my games and this is the first program that has really clicked for me. 

It might take a while but I will link you something once I finish. :)

One of my main goals was to make it accessible for people who don't use other music programs (much), so I'm really happy to hear that! :)

And looking forward to it! Your other projects already look pretty cool. Rainbow Jam Simulator is short but sweet, and I'm definitely gonna play "Do I Pass?" soon.

I'm glad that you really focused on accessibility. I have wanted to learn but googling brings up so many different options and expensive things. It's wonderful to just have something simple to use. After the tutorial I made a few songs that I was really happy with. 

Rainbow Jam Simulator was really rushed but I am pretty proud of "Do I Pass?".  

You and your friends have been doing really amazing interesting work that I didn't know existed which was really cool to find. I plan on going through your backlog too.  

Ah, I had the same difficulties when I got into sequencers and drum machines a while ago. Makes me happy that the tutorial seems to have done its job. x)

Thanks once more! I'll probably see you again in the comment section for "Do I Pass?". :)


No linux build? Can it be done?

The project looks amazing, i wish i could play with it.

Thank you! I'm not using Linux, but I got a VM running Ubuntu 18.04.03 yesterday and that seems to be enough to create a build. The core mechanics work fine so far, but there are some issues. I'm not sure if they're related to the build or just the VM, but it needs some more testing before I release a build publicly. I'll update the page and comment here to let you know when it's done!

I tried running the program on linux with Wine (Ubuntu 19.04) and it runs fine except for the audio, which sounds really weird and nothing compared to your video. I still did the tutorial and as someone with no music theory at all, it really help me understand how to start making beats, so keep it up and thank you for your work.

Thank you for your kind words! The linux test build that I run in a VM sounds mostly like the Windows version does, there's only a noticeable audio delay (probably the VM) and the frame rate is a bit low, so that the drum rhythm is a bit off. I plan to install Ubuntu on a USB stick soon to test how it performs on my real computer.

There are two build options for Linux, one of them should have a better performance and would be preferable, but doesn't seem to work right now. Looking in support boards showed that other devs have the same issue at the moment. Maybe a bug in the game engine, maybe a recent update for a required Ubuntu package that made it incompatible, not sure. Anyway, I'll see what I can do!

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I managed to do a build with the other, more optimized build option now. It worked perfectly in my VM and Ubuntu 18.04.03, but on my USB stick version, it still had issues, although I'm not sure if I just configured Ubuntu wrong or if the game code is to blame. Unfortunately, I don't know many other Ubuntu users I could ask, so...could you help testing it? You can find the build here, the password is "chiphop".


There are two versions. In theory, the YYC one should be better optimized, but may require additional packages. The VM one probably has worse performance, but may be more compatible. Although on my VM, there was no real difference.

(Well, in this case, the VM version also has an additional feature and an "L" button on the right, which wasn't added to the YYC build yet, but that would be added for a future public release as well. Should hopefully not influence whether they run smoothly.)