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The Fall of Mahoroba (まほろばの崩壊 or commonly abbreviated as TFOM) is a classic turn-based JRPG, typical for PS1 games circa 1996.

Go on a journey with Eline and Faldyn, whose pastries delivery inadvertently triggers a war of the two rivalling kingdoms Kranzau and Rossa that threatens their hometown Kleinode. Will they be able to stop the mayhem? Find out! (After about 60 hours of gameplay!)

This is the original soundtrack, featuring 10 of the 11 songs that were included in the first chapter of the game, plus two bonus tracks. All provided as 320 kb/s mp3s that capture the PS1 sound chip's character in all of its mid-90s glory! For more formats, check out the Bandcamp page:

And don't forget to read the included text file for more info on the story and world of TFOM!

The cover art was kindly provided by QB Studios, home to some fine Visual Novels!


  • How come I never heard of this game?
    The most likely reason for the relative obscurity of TFOM is that it was never released outside of Japan. Or inside of Japan.
  • Aren't 10 tracks a bit short for a 90s JRPG?
    Yes. But considering the lack of an international release, this compilation is still the most complete version available on the internet and at least covers the first chapter of the game. Well, 10 out of 11. More songs might be added in the future.
  • Can I use these songs for my [game/visual novel/app/...]?
    Unfortunately no. They are for your listening pleasure only. Close your eyes and imagine the 320*240 pixel low-poly landscapes that TFOM could have offered you!
  • Is sharing these songs allowed?
    Please do not reupload those files anywhere, as this itch.io page (and the linked Bandcamp page) are the only genuine online sources for the soundtrack. But you're more than welcome to link to those pages!
  • Are there any relations to other media with the name "Mahoroba"?
    No, this is an independendant IP. While the name isn't used very often in the Western world, it has a more generic meaning in Japan, describing a peaceful utopia.
  • Is this a joke?
    I can assure you that this soundtrack is an absolutely serious work that has been published as a part of the I Wasn't Gonna Make This Anyway jam.
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Sounds great! I really like it


The playlist is pretty sublime and easily depict the game's scenes ^^